don-mcmath-schoolThe Don McMath Foundation is a not for profit organisation whose mission it is to provide free education for children from the poorest Gambian families living within a 3-mile radius of the school. Families are vetted to ensure that only the most disadvantaged, those that genuinely can’t afford school fees, benefit. As far as we are aware we are the only completely free school in The Gambia.

Gambia is one of the poorest nations in the world currently ranked 149 out of 160. Roughly 2% of the Gambia’s 1.5 million population are refugees, and only around 40% of over 15 year olds are able to read and write. This situation is appalling and is something the Don McMath Foundation is trying to address.

The whole venture started in 2001 with Anne McMath going on holiday to the Gambia and noticing that there were a lot of children on the streets every day because their parents could not afford to send them to school. She started sponsoring a couple of children at local schools and encouraged friends to sponsor a few more. This grew until we decided that we should open a school ourselves and help lots of children instead of just one or two.

The money for the running costs for the school is raised by supporters of the charity who sponsor the children each year. Nearly all the teachers at the school have been trained locally at the Gambian College which has a teacher training facility.
We are a registered charity in both the UK (Registered Charity Number 1100164) and in The Gambia (Number 733/2002) and so can claim back tax on money received from UK tax payers.

Please support this worthwhile cause and help a young person reach their full potential.

Can you help? If so, complete the on-line sponsorship form here: or print and complete the sponsorship form and send it to The Don McMath Foundation at: 76 Manor Road, Verwood, Dorset, BH31 6EA.

Sponsors can pay by cheque, cash or by standing order. Our preferred method is by standing order or by virgin_giving_logo and many sponsors pay £5 per month by this method.

If you wish to make individual donations or set up regular payments online via your electronic banking, the information you require is:
The Don McMath Foundation
Account Number 70001074
Barclays Bank
Bank Sort Code 20-72-37
Please use your initials and surname as the reference.

A quote from one of the parents to Anne:
"My life use to be darkness and then the school came and now I have light in my life"
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